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Wobble but don't Quit: Balance is an Illusion

kathleen seeley
July 15, 2020

“You are a unique and never to be repeated event”

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Listen to Kathleen!

Recently, I caught up with an old friend; it’s been a few years since we’ve had a good gab session, and so much has happened. Successes, and failures, death of loved ones, health challenges, and profound growth for both of us.

We connected through our stories, shared our wins, our lessons (a.k.a. failures), and our intentions for the future. As we reconnected, I noticed we shared a sense of ease, calm, trust, and sincere gratitude.

Maybe it’s our age, we are both in our mid 50’s. Perhaps it’s the way we put ourselves out there to be judged, loved, admired, or despised. Maybe because we have both taken massive risks and pushed way past the edges of our comfort zones, but it seemed we landed in the same place. An elusive place called I’m enough.

I shared stories of amazing projects I am working on and new opportunities that seem to have ‘fallen in my lap.’ She shared her winding path of starts and restarts, heartbreaks, and ‘hell ya’s.’

She said, ‘You know Kathleen over the years, you have never waivered, you have always just stuck to it.’ She compared my journey to hers. Hers consisted of directional changes, shifting between opportunities, and a few ‘do-overs.’ Given her path, she feels she has found her flow and is on her ‘A’ game. I suggest she also ‘stuck to it.’ The ‘it’ she stuck to was her commitment to finding her unique offering.

It’s true, I have never wavered, but I have wobbled! I have cried, complained, and threatened to quit and get a ‘real’ job, many times. When I experienced overwhelm, I rested, regrouped, and realigned, but, indeed, I never quit. Every time I felt defeated, my ‘enoughness’ inevitably broke through.

I have learned to trust my sense of knowing when I am on track and my equally powerful knowing when I am off track. When I follow my intuition, the most amazing opportunities show up. When I overthink or push too hard, things blow up in my face. It is these times that I return to trusting my intuition. Every now and then, I need a test to remind me how powerful living from intention can be.

I’ve moved on from things that look good on the outside, but feel off on the inside. I’ve been criticized for letting certain things go, and, in the fullness of time, I was right for giving them a pass. I have learned to trust this part of me to have ease with uncertainty, and know I am on the right track.

What a gift that phone call was. As I further reflected, I realized we chose very different paths, and yet, we ended up the beautiful place called I’m enough. We both noticed we move through our lives with a sense of ease, calm, trust, and sincere gratitude. Grace is the word that comes to mind.

This phone call reminded me we each have a unique path, not to be compared to others. I carve my path, you carve yours. We all wobble, we all get scared, and we all have a calling to create something that is uniquely ours to give to the world.

Through surrender, we can learn we are strong enough, smart enough, beautiful enough, old enough, young enough, rich enough… whatever enough! We find our ‘A’ game when we realize we are enough!

Wobble away, try new things. Just do stuff, lots of stuff. Life isn’t linear or predictable, it’s full of delightful surprises. Push the edges of your comfort zone, be willing to fail forward, and learn from mistakes. When you feel lost, allow yourself to rest, realign, and its inevitable you will find you are enough!

My name is Kathleen Seeley and I provide Tips, Tools, Programs, and Mentorship to help YOU develop your personal leadership skills so that you can take yourself to your dream Business, Job & Life.
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