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My Name is Kathleen Seeley and I provide Tips, Tools, Programs, and Mentorship to help YOU develop your personal leadership skills so that you can take yourself to your dream Business, Job & Life.
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Hi, I'm Kathleen

I like to say I make a living by being a disturbance! I’m authentic, edgy and I walk my talk! I love what I do, and I’m 100% living a dream I never knew I had. I’ve stayed open to possibility, learned to listen to my gut, and have been willing to lay it all on the line to do what I love.

Some would call me crazy, well actually, I call me crazy with the recent adoption of two puppies, yup at the same time! Let’s not forget about my two rescue cats. I live in a zoo, and I love it.  I have three children, two sons, a daughter, and a delightful daughter-in-law. Life is full!

For the past 25 years, I have created safe spaces for individuals and teams to examine their thinking, face their fears, question their stories, and break through their self-imposed limitations to unlock individual, leadership, and team potential.
I’d like to support you in your journey, be it personal, leadership, or as part of a team, to lean into your unique possibility.  

Whatever you are experiencing right now is the result of a decision you made in the past, which you may not even be aware that you made! 
Let me help you lean into your next step and be Massively Human in your life, leadership, and business.

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Corporate Consulting
Meaningful engagements from single day to multi-year.
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Leadership Development
Activate your greatest Asset. Your People.
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Keynote Speaking
Engaging, Insightful, Inspirational and Practical.
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Online Learning
See yourself in your own evolution and discover the parts of yourself you have not yet occupied.
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Executive Coaching
Reach Your Leadership Potential & Live Your Best Life.
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Coaching & Consulting Certifications
Gain certification in industry-leading tools for coaches & consultants.
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What I believe in
"You never touch someone so lightly that you do not leave a trace."
Peggy Tabor Millan
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