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Aligned: A Masterclass in Becoming
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Keynote Speaking

Kathleen’s Keynotes are engaging, insightful, inspirational and practical; she always leaves her audiences satisfied, inspired, set for clear action and wanting more! Sample topics include:

  • How to Thrive in Uncertain Times
  • Inspired and Aligned: The Secret to Creating the Life You Desire
  • Leadership, Culture, Values, and Change: Simply Good Business
  • Leadership in a Hurry: Introduction to Values-Based Leadership
  • Leadership, Life, Love, and Laundry: Tales from the Front Lines of Life!
  • Passion, Values, Inclusion, and Autonomy: The Causes of Engagement
  • and many more (fully custom to your event)
America's #1 Success Coach | Co-author of the Billion Dollar brand Chicken Soup for the Soul
Kathleen is someone you can deeply trust to help people no matter what their position to discover their true purpose and the infinite possibilities that lie within them. If fact, I love her work so much I hired her to spend a full year with my entire team as a culture and leadership development consultant.Jack Canfield
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VP Volker Stevin Canada
Since engaging Kathleen and her team in 2003, we have tripled our annual sales and added more than $700M to our books. She has not brought all of this success but is instrumental to our success.Fred Desjarlais
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Aligned: A masterclass in Becoming

Self-paced comprehensive masterclass to help you design your life from the inside out. A deep dive into my 3 step process using my unique Domino Effect Life Design Framework.

  • 5 modules with 29 self-paced videos
  • Easy to follow step by step experience
  • Comprehensive workbook
  • Taught by an industry expert

#1 Foundations

#2 Identify

#3 Explore

#4 Align

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I have never invested in myself before taking Kathleen's course. It's been life changing, areas I knew I was neglecting, I had to face and places that I wanted to do better or do more in I was given a way to get there. The course material, words of wisdom, and examples from Kathleen were just what I needed.
Ange Inskip
Time for a change
This course took me in a deep dive into my values and goals. I was able to see myself through a new set of eyes, identify some old stories that I no longer need in my life, and really flush out how some of my most important values show up in my life.
Colleen Sorensen
University Administrator and Professor
I met Kathleen and her values workshop today. Life changing! ❤️
Stacy M. Cook
Values 4 Success Participant
If you are looking to let go of what's not working for you and focus on what's working and how to use that to create growth in all areas of your life, Kathleen will share some of the most powerful tools, one can use to do it.
Lorna Granger
Graduate of Many Programs
This course is a great tool to discover core values and how those values can impact our everyday thinking. It allowed me to take a step back from my busy lifestyle and focus on personal and professional growth at a fundamental level.
Tjay Hiker
Past Participant
Being apart of Kathleen Seeley's Program was an awesome life changing experience. I still don't know yet the magnitude of how much it has and continues to impact my life in different ways. Forever so grateful to Kathleen Seeley and her team!
Marisela Alaniz
Regional Expert with the Heading Home Together Leadership Circle
This course will help you gain insight, on a very deep level, how your personal values impact your personal and professional life. It will also help you to analyze how they align with everything you think and do, and how they, along with a growth mindset, can move your forward to the life of your dreams.
Robyn Allaby
Past Participant
One think I've come to trust is that any course created and delivered by Kathleen Seeley will pay for itself ten-fold. There's a reason why top thought-leaders and leaders of innovative companies hire Kathleen to consult with their teams - she delivers. This course was enlightening and USEFUL.
Marilyn Suttle
Past Participant
The course provides a great basis for introspection and personal growth, and when you engage in it and in yourself fully, it expands your views of the world and self beyond expectations.
Finance, Fortune 500
Great experience to learn a lot about myself and how I can take the responsibility to get where I want to go. Super inspirational!
Finance Department, Fortune 500


Personal Coaching

Kathleen leverages modern cutting-edge tools and techniques to go beyond simple goals and open you up to achieving more than you ever thought possible by tapping into what drives you at your core. Getting to the root of what makes you unique allows Kathleen to facilitate game-changing transformation in all areas of your life.

Engagements can be:

  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 12 months
business owner
Since time with you, my relationship has increased trust in each other and has deepened and I believe it’s because we are both being more authentic and Massively Human.Tina Raffa
Deputy Director for Strategy and Innovation DC Department of Employment Services
Kathleen Seeley helped me to realize that I was spending too much energy focusing on cognitive fixes to my internal struggles. I highly recommend Kathleen Seeley. Individual values show up via behaviors in everything that we do and drive or frame how we define success as an individual.Jerome A. Johnson
More about me

Things to know




Monday’s structured discussions create a path for the sprint week. In the morning, you’ll define the challenge by interviewing experts on what they know. Next, you’ll agree to a long-term goal and map out the challenge. In the afternoon, you’ll lightning demo some example solutions before writing and sketching some solutions of your own.



Certifications & Degrees

Tuesday’s convergent exercises focus on a solution for the challenge. In the morning, you’ll run through a set of voting exercises on Monday’s sketches and present the most popular before making a selection. In the afternoon, you’ll define a test flow and create a storyboard that details how users will move through your solution.



What Moves Me

Wednesday’s tasks see our hard work from the previous days come to life. We’ll put our heads down and rapidly prototype the agreed upon storyboards, developing them as a clickable mockup showcasing user interface, interactions, and the end-to-end user flow of the solution - ready for testing.


My Values

Underpin everything I do

Thursday is all about testing our prototype with real humans. We’ll invite a group of your target users to run through a recorded session, recording their behaviours into positive and negative experiences. At the end of the day we’ll collate all the tests into a concise report.

my PROCESS for success

Values underpin everything you do.



Leverages Value Identification and quantification tools to Identify the Values that are integral to who you are and what is truly important to you.



Once your Values are identified, dive deeper and Explore how your values show up in your behavior, and how they relate to creating a road map to your desired future.



When you Discover your Personal Values and examine how they show up in your daily life. This understanding allows you to Leverage them to live more fully alive and authentic to your true self.



A values-based approach is emerging as a fundamental framework for personal growth and purpose discovery. Values are a shorthand method of describing your CORE motivation. An Identification, Exploration, and Focus on YOUR values will take you to a level of self-awareness beyond the short term and facilitate POWERFUL insight into your life's meaning and purpose.

My people

My world-class team

Karson Grady
Director of Operations
Allanah Simpson
Executive Assistant
Jani Ashmore
Training Partner
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"Your Values underpin EVERYTHING you do"

Kathleen Seeley