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Leadership Development

Leadership and culture are fundamentally intertwined, and leaders are the main architects of the culture. The culture of an organization is a reflection of the values, beliefs, and behaviors of leaders of the group and the legacy of past leaders. Cultural forces are powerful because they operate outside of our awareness. We have the ability to measure, monitor and manage culture and leadership capacity.

Integral to leading from deeply held values is mastering your integrity, authenticity and being committed to something bigger than yourself. This forms the foundation for being an effective leader and the effective practice of leadership. Leadershift explores your leadership team current capacity, their strengths, and developmental gaps to build individual and collective leadership capacity.

Deputy Director for Strategy and Innovation DC Department of Employment Services
Kathleen Seeley helped me to realize that I was spending too much energy focusing on cognitive fixes to my internal struggles. I highly recommend Kathleen Seeley. Individual values show up via behaviors in everything that we do and drive or frame how we define success as an individual.Jerome A. Johnson