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Aligned: A Masterclass in Becoming
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Aligned: A masterclass in Becoming with Kathleen Seeley

Self-paced comprehensive masterclass to help you design your life from the inside out. A deep dive into Kathleen’s 3 step process using her unique Domino Effect Life Design Framework.

  • 5 modules with 29 self-paced videos
  • Easy to follow step by step experience
  • Comprehensive workbook
  • Taught by an industry expert
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*Course opens May 4, 2020

An online self-paced masterclass to help you gain clarity and take inspired action

We are always developing, reinventing, and evolving… we are Becoming.  

As we become, our priorities shift, our perspective changes, and our world expands. Imagine your most potent vision, fully realized. At its fullest expression, your vision will impact every aspect of your life. Therefore every aspect of your life must be considered when you design your path forward.

Domino Goal™ mapping is a balanced approach to ensuring your path forward considers every aspect of your life. Kathleen's Domino Effect Life Design Framework is a holistic approach designed to help you continue on your journey of becoming.

Aligned: A Masterclass in Becoming has 4 stages:

#1 Foundations

  • Introduction
  • Your Back Story
  • Your Now Story

#2 Identify

  • Your Next Story
  • Core Motivation
  • Domino Goal™

#3 Explore

  • Power of Truth
  • Understanding Choice
  • Mindset Matters

#4 Align

  • Values Activation
  • Domino Goal Mapping
  • Activation for Action
with master coach kathleen seeley
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See how your values underpin everything you do.

Values are the ideals that give significance to our lives. They are reflected through the priorities we choose, and that we act on consistently and repeatedly. They are identifiable, measurable and are experienced through our feelings and imagination.

What the people say

...authenticity and genuine interest...

Kathleen's ability to tune into the unique needs of others and guide them towards their best potential with her knowledge, wisdom, and understanding is profound. She is one of those people we meet in life that leave an indelible impression of authenticity and genuine interest in the person she's speaking to which is part of her magic in helping others see their value and  achieve success.

Walker Brandt

Detailed & Comprehensive Workbook

A thoughtful, beautiful, and engaging workbook to add to your experience.

What the people say

...the tools to help...

Kathleen is a compassionate and loving person with the tools to help those she works with strip away clutter, discover core values, and realign their lives for success both personally and professionally!

Heather Roberts

A framework you can Follow

When we are looking to achieve a big goal, we must take into account all the factors in your life; all of the 7 Life Areas I have identified. Because when you tap on go, when you tap that first domino, when you step into this big goal you want to watch everything fall into place, you want to make sure all of your actions are in alignment with that goal. That is my The Domino Effect Life Design Framework .

(click below to watch a video)

What the people say values impact everything...

I had never considered how much my values impact everything I do, in my personal life and work. I gained incredible insight into why I value certain things and the effect that is having in my life.

Valorie Glossup

More Kind words from Our People

I have never invested in myself before taking Kathleen's course. It's been life changing, areas I knew I was neglecting, I had to face and places that I wanted to do better or do more in I was given a way to get there.
The course material, words of wisdom, and examples from Kathleen were just what I needed.
Ange Inskip
Time for a change
This course took me in a deep dive into my values and goals. I was able to see myself through a new set of eyes, identify some old stories that I no longer need in my life, and really flush out how some of my most important values show up in my life.
Colleen Sorensen
University Administrator and Professor
I met Kathleen and her values workshop today. Life changing! ❤️
Stacy M. Cook
Values 4 Success Participant
If you are looking to let go of what's not working for you and focus on what's working and how to use that to create growth in all areas of your life, Kathleen will share some of the most powerful tools, one can use to do it.
Lorna Granger
Graduate of Many Programs
This course is a great tool to discover core values and how those values can impact our everyday thinking. It allowed me to take a step back from my busy lifestyle and focus on personal and professional growth at a fundamental level.
Tjay Hiker
Past Participant
Being apart of Kathleen Seeley's Program was an awesome life changing experience. I still don't know yet the magnitude of how much it has and continues to impact my life in different ways. Forever so grateful to Kathleen Seeley and her team!
Marisela Alaniz
Regional Expert with the Heading Home Together Leadership Circle
This course will help you gain insight, on a very deep level, how your personal values impact your personal and professional life. It will also help you to analyze how they align with everything you think and do, and how they, along with a growth mindset, can move your forward to the life of your dreams.
Robyn Allaby
Past Participant
One think I've come to trust is that any course created and delivered by Kathleen Seeley will pay for itself ten-fold. There's a reason why top thought-leaders and leaders of innovative companies hire Kathleen to consult with their teams - she delivers. This course was enlightening and USEFUL.
Marilyn Suttle
Past Participant
The course provides a great basis for introspection and personal growth, and when you engage in it and in yourself fully, it expands your views of the world and self beyond expectations.
Finance, Fortune 500
Great experience to learn a lot about myself and how I can take the responsibility to get where I want to go. Super inspirational!
Finance Department, Fortune 500

Frequently Asked Questions + Answers

Who is this Program for?

Aligned is an experience that is for anybody on a personal development journey. There are no prerequisite and the course is laid out in such a way that is is easy to ease into the learning and the growth.

More specifically, Aligned is for the people who know they have a lot to offer the world and are looking to dig deeper into their personal why to ensure they forge forwardin their life and their dreams in such a way that is aligned with who you are and what you REALLY want.

Who is this Program NOT for?

Aligned requires that you are ready to take responsibility for your life. If you are a blamer or complainer Aligned is not for you.

Can I see a full list of videos before purchasing?

Yes! We have 29 videos organizaed into 5 overarching modules. You can see the full course here.

How much time do I need to complete the course?

The course is self-paced. You can take as much or as little time as you need but the suggested time is 30 days with roughly one module completed per week. This is because there is "homework" along the way.

This is not school! The homework tends to be more like "think about this" or "reflect on that".

Having said all of that, the raw runtime of the course (all videos end to end) is 2 hours and 45 minutes and the estimated time to work through the course is roughly 6 hours.

Is there any kind of guarentee?

What we want most is for you to be happy. If you purchase Aligned and find it is not living up to your expectations we will happily refund you. The only "rule" we have is that you send us an email with your refund request along with the answering the question "what would work better for me is..." so that we can improve.