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How to Start a Movement

kathleen seeley
July 15, 2020

Today is a wonderful day, I have never seen this one before.

Brand New
Listen to Kathleen!

I love this quote… I wrote it on my bathroom mirror… a daily reminder of the bounty of delightfulness and opportunity held in each new day and to approach it with child-like wonder…. Am I in childlike wonder every day? Nope some days … well… let’s just say I’m not… I do however notice I am more often in a state of gratitude than a state of bad attitude. I know for sure I am surrounded by beauty, love and grace…even when things, in the moment, may seem hopeless, I know each day is an opportunity to be kinder, do more… or do less…whichever is in order.

I am grateful for the overwhelming support for my new adventure… the road to Be Massively Human™. As I reflected on the possibility for Massiveness I realized this could very well be a movement. Then my ‘little me’, the part that, for a moment, thought… ‘who are you to start a movement’ … ‘quiet down girl’ … ‘one day those big ideas are gonna kick you in the #ss … you know those voices… the ones that encourage you to stay safe and comfortable and to not get ‘too big for your britches’ and all of that…so I sat myself down with a cup of Organic Smooth Move tea… and …you guessed it…I experienced a movement… 😆

Seriously though, I sat myself down for some straight talk… and I encouraged my ‘little’ me to consider … this is a movement, and if it only moves me to be more massively human… massively compassionate, massively forgiving, massively curious, massively fun, and so forth, then by golly it’s a movement!

I know for sure, as I transform, I will impact others Edgar Schein says “Everything you do is an intervention”. Perhaps, for now, the intervention is on myself and I will impact in a positive way those around me, thus a movement… that’s Kathleen Logic.

I do, however, I think together, we can take this to a massive place… no idea where that is… so I’m comfortable in Massive Ambiguity and ready to Love Massively thanks Bruce Cryer for suggesting to Love Massively!

I’m glad you have joined me and if you are struggling with your own movement, I suggest a cup of Organic Smooth Move Tea; it can get things started for you!\

Stay tuned…. Massively Human Moments next!

My name is Kathleen Seeley and I provide Tips, Tools, Programs, and Mentorship to help YOU develop your personal leadership skills so that you can take yourself to your dream Business, Job & Life.
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