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How Measuring the Intangible opened the door to more Corporate Work

kathleen seeley
May 10, 2022

If you can touch the heart of a leader, you can change the world.

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I often get comments from aspiring coaches, trainers, and consultants who ask me: How did YOU do it ALL? How can I get into the leadership space? How do I begin working with corporate clients? How did you establish Massively Human Leadership?

I could dress it up a million ways, but the biggest differentiator in my work and the key that has opened the door to every corporate client and engagement I have booked has been my work with Values. When you're coaching organizations in leadership, and coaching with groups and teams, they have to move towards something. 

It has to be tangible, and as many of us know who work in the transformation space the inner work required to produce results can have this elusive intangibility to it. And for you, as a Coach, Trainer, or Consultant that is a problem. 

Because intangibility is hard to sell especially to corporate clients. 

There has to be an outcome, a real deliverable. And whether you like selling or not, you need to sell in order to get to the juicy transformation work that you love to do. But how do you measure transformation? How do you measure Culture?

We measure it with Values.

Why Values? 

Our Values underpin everything that we do. They're the drivers of our behavior. Whatever we're experiencing or needing in our life shows up in our Values.

Values conversations are simple to have and they go deep easily. Some things are hard to put into words, but Values give us the language to speak to the heart of any issue. When you talk about Values people ‘get it’ very quickly, and deep dialogue ensues.

Most important of all; Values are measurable.

Ok, we have established Values are the drivers of our behavior and they are measurable. How do you transform Cultures? You don’t.

You transform the people making up the culture. Like all of them, but you start with the leaders.

If you can touch the heart of a leader, you can change the world.

Leaders touch so many lives. It's an awesome privilege and responsibility because how they show up in their leadership deeply influences the culture. 

The culture of any organization is a reflection of the Values, beliefs, and behaviors of the leaders or legacy of past leaders.

100% of the time.

If there's a tiny crack at the executive level, it becomes a grand canyon on the front line.

FACT: In our work as coaches, trainers & consultants in the corporate and leadership space, we need to be able to measure results.

I have always had an intuitive, heart-centered approach to working with people, understanding that leadership development, culture transformation, or team building is more than understanding the seven steps to resolving conflict. It's really getting behind the conflict and understanding the “who.” 

The Values tool I have been using for many years helps articulate:

  • Who am I (As a leader)
  • What are we currently experiencing? (as the team or organization)
  • What do we desire to experience as individual leaders, a team, and/or an organization? 
  • This becomes the roadmap for personal and organizational transformation.

The tools I use provide tangible measurements and data for any leadership development initiative, team building experience or full on culture transformation of an organization.

Are you ready to step into working in leadership development or the corporate consulting space? Does this sound like something that would elevate your existing practice as it did for mine? 

How about you to personally experience the work as well as hear me speak about what my clients are asking for in 2022. Plus a chance to ask any questions that come to you.

Join me for a live and interactive session on May 19, 2022 at 11 AM PT and learn how to Grow your Revenue, Reach & Impact by tapping into the Leadership/Corporate space plus hear about my upcoming certification on these very tools. Register Here.

The Values tool gives you a roadmap, it allows you to get to the root of an issue with any client faster than I have ever previously experienced.

Regardless of the tools you use, we must all be able to measure show our clients the impact we are having on their workplaces

Certifying with us as a Leadership Coach, in this model allows your practice to exist in the rewarding and lucrative (save the world and wear nice shoes anyone?) space of Coach/Consultant. Our training really teaches you how to coach to this model. How to engage a client in a meaningful transformative dialogue, while not giving them answers. 

We produce really skilled practitioners, our coaches are people who really embody two sides of the same coin: practical, tangible understanding of the technical requirements for building team teaching training. And the other side of the coin, is that human centered approach.

My name is Kathleen Seeley and I provide Tips, Tools, Programs, and Mentorship to help YOU develop your personal leadership skills so that you can take yourself to your dream Business, Job & Life.
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