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Service & Lifestyle: Having it both ways

Kathleen Seeley
July 7, 2020

What we need now more than ever are more coaches who can help other humans find their new ‘normal’ and realign their lives to this unprecedented new reality!

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Listen to Kathleen!

I’ve always known I was destined to serve others; a career in the ‘helping’ profession felt like a calling. I have also always known I wanted to make a good living; I’ve got a thing for nice handbags and great shoes!

Growing up, though, I never saw a life of service while making a comfortable living as coexisting. I thought one would come at the cost of the other.

My mom was my role model, she was my hero. She lived a life of service, and her generosity knew no bounds. I remember countless stray dogs, injured birds, and lonely humans would end up in our house for a meal or a warm bed. I remember her saying, ‘we can always throw another potato in the pot.’

Mom gave beyond her means, she was indeed a humble servant. She also lived, by most standards, in poverty. My mom was a single parent of 6 children, she worked hard to support us, and I have very few memories of her doing much of anything that might be self-indulgent.

My father was wealthy and, when my parents split up, he gave us nothing. He wasn’t much of a father and had very little interest in our lives.

My mom represented service and my dad represented financial success. I grew up with the belief I could not have a fulfilling career of service and make a good living. That was my story.

I got tired of the story!

I learned how to examine my own beliefs and the stories I told myself about what was possible, and in turn, I have created a successful coaching and consulting business.

I shattered the old story, and wrote a new one where service and abundance could co-exits!

That’s my Why. My core motivation.

I want this for you!

I love to coach because I get inspired when I see one of my clients break through their limiting beliefs and render their highest visions of themselves practical.

The model I use in my coaching practice allows me to help my clients see themselves in their own evolution, and the parts of themselves they have not yet occupied.

What we need now more than ever are more coaches who can help other humans find their new ‘normal’ and realign their lives to this unprecedented new reality!

If you are a coach or a consultant (or are looking to become one), and are searching for a whole system that can help you coach your clients to a deeper level of awareness and find alignment from their deepest motivators, their valies, then I encourage you to have a look at my upcoming certification in the Barrett Analytics coaching and leadership tools. Registration is now open and you can learn more here.

Join my community of more than 100 coaches and consultants using this work to help humans align their lives and their leadership to their core motivation.

My name is Kathleen Seeley and I provide Tips, Tools, Programs, and Mentorship to help YOU develop your personal leadership skills so that you can take yourself to your dream Business, Job & Life.
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Kathleen Seeley
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